Everything's Coming Up Roses


So this is Manofatto's first blog post. Ever. I never intended on having a blog on the website but I recently attended a focus group for a new company launching and was caught completely off guard as the fellow attendees explained the insane business benefits of publishing one.  They were quite a bit older than me (I'm 32) but with age comes wisdom and success and knowledge and just about every other skill I hope to achieve so I listened and followed like the spicy, little overacheiver I am. So here goes. I happen to enjoy writing and majored in English in college, but I tend to write like I'm talking (and follow zero guidelines whatsoever), so be gentle!

Literally, I don't even know who is going to read this but I plan to hit the shit out of my keywords and send them happily into the google universe in hopes you find them.  I'm Katelyn. I own Manofatto and if you've already visited the About Me page you're slightly keyed into my business.  I'll be touching on a lot of topics here; running a small business, all things Italian, a smattering of recipes because food is EVERYTHING TO ME, news and excitement about new products we're carrying in the giftboxes, holiday announcements, and new collections.  From there….skies the limit I suppose for having this thing in the world that might just be read by me and my mom.  

This month, as I mentioned previously, everything is coming up roses because it's February!  I happen to love February even though I think it's the most hated month but I am just assuming that. Note: There will be very little fact checking on this blog. I am born this month (2/16) and so is my dog (2/24) and I have always, always loved Valentine's Day.  I live(d) a charmed life and my Mom was so good with all of the holidays while growing up. Like, reaaaaally good at holidays.  We still receive a little care package on Valentine's Day, it's adorable.  They usually contains nail files, gum, band-aids and extremely practical shit but it's still the cutest.  Obviously, we've upped the ante a bit at Manofatto with our Valentine's Day offerings, but the mentality is the same.  My mom just cares and it makes her happy to give us gifts.  We also care, a lot, and it makes us happy to send gifts on your behalf. It'll make you feel pretty great too. 

Hop over to our product page for the five Valentine's Day giftbox offerings we've curated this year, or email katelyn@manofattoshop.com to create something custom.  Happy shopping and thank you for giving this a read.  And yes, we've got roses! 

XO - Katelyn