Manofatto was Meant for Mother's Day

When you start a business, you are filled with high hopes, electric amounts of energy, jittery excitement but mainly, ignorance. A LOT of ignorance.  I can honestly say that when we set out I had no idea what would be popular. I didn't know what times of the year would be busy, what times would be slow, what products would crush, what products would stall.  I didn't really understand what would prompt a person to buy our gifts and spend their hard earned money on Manofatto, and therefore, on me. Looking back, this makes me cringe more than you will ever know.  

But I've learned a few things in 3+ years of business ownership. There is a lot of psychology behind gift giving and I've grown to understand it a little bit more.  We give great gifts because there is an occasion to do so, but we also give them to look and feel good about ourselves.  And, I think my customers give Manofatto gifts because they know I care as much as they do about delivering a gift that feels heartfelt, unique, and special. This type of gift gifting is truer than ever for the Mother's Day holiday.  I suppose I should have known from the start that our product would lend itself to Mother's Day, but it took a few years to sink in.  Now we kick off April fully stocked for the mommas and it's such a positive and happily busy time of year for us. 

There is literally nothing we can do to repay our moms for everything they have done, but a box full of love is a start.