Somehow it's already March and I'm still thinking daily about all of new, exciting things I can do for my business this year.  Well… better get crackin'.  As the giftbox world grows quickly (it feels like there is a new giftbox business opening up weekly) I am trying to stay focused on my little piece in this world and how I can remain relevent and unique.  Here is what I've determined… Continue doing what makes us different from the pack and more importantly, get by with a little help from my friends.  

Most of our followers and fans know that we make our baltic birch wood giftboxes in-house.  It's an enormous amount of work, but from my vantage point it is the single biggest thing setting us apart from the other gift brands.  There are so many days I'd love to simplify the work, the cost and the weight of our wood boxes and sub-in a more affordable alternative, but we just can't. Manofatto means handmade. I've got a very feisty Italian angel for which I must keep my word. 


Another hugely important aspect of our business is my desire to keep the products local.  99% of our inventory is made in America and the more I can source within our state, the better.  America is teaming with such immense talent when it comes to small batch products and brands.  My focus is on curating a collection of these products that is cohesive, unique, beautiful, and thoughtful.  I'm also constantly thinking about not wanting to add more "stuff" into this world that is not deserving.  We all have so much "stuff."  It's time to make sure it has importance and a story.  Go even further, buy things that a human has made. It will fill you with so much delight. 


The talented artists I call upon to create things for Manofatto blow my mind. Recently we restocked handmade ceramic mugs from some of our favorites -  Mortar & Stone and Natalie Legg Ceramics  - and we started carrying a new brand out of Wisconsin - Covet & Ginger - that not only makes mugs, but we are also carrying their whiskey dimple cups, poppyseed porcelain wine cups and with just a smidge of input, the owner Kim designed gold & cream and copper poppyseed & cream catch-all dishes, both about the perfect size for rings, jewelry, and small trinkets around the house.  Although I must say, dessert looks good on any plate. 

The other vendors making the rounds as we roll out our new HousewarmingThank You and Anytime Really giftboxes…. Vail based Hygge Life for our best selling cozy throws and kitchen towels, the adorable genius and Denver friend Lana behind Lana's Shop for our stationery sets, California's The Other Brother  extra virgin olive oil, Jacobsen for finishing salt and raw honey, Mile High Workshop cutting boards (yay fellow Denverite!), W&P Design cocktail mixers, Brooklyn Candle Studio for the most delicious scents and high quality soy burns, local coffee roasters Corvus Coffee and Sweet Bloom, Handmade La Conner eucalyptus and sweet orange all-natural cleaning spray, & Westminster's Farmhand Organics  strawberry and blueberry jams. 

Thank you, friends and vendors, for being a part of Manofatto.  We are honored to spread your gorgeous work into the world.  Cheers to the makers.