Reuse + Recyle


It’s almost (officially) Fall, and with that we begin to change over our wardrobes, home decor, and certain lifestyle habits. Too soon to make soup 3x per week? In addition, I’ve recently caught the minimalist bug. Shoutout to the fantastic authors of New Minimalism from whom I have learned so much on the topic and the movement. We all have TOO.MUCH.STUFF. Did you know the average house has 250,000 items in it? I mean. That is insane to me. Purging things from our home that we truly don’t need has provided a lot of additional space but more importantly, it’s provided mental clarifty. I struggle knowing that at Manofatto, we send more “stuff” into the world. However, I take it very seriously that we provide very well-made items that have use, beauty, function and worth.

The item I think the most about are our baltic birch giftboxes. Will they also get an overhaul as the seasons change? Is it being productive in someone’s home? I personally use one year round on my kitchen counter to hold all of my various cooking oils and vinegars. I’m Italian - there are a lot. Pretty sure I have seven different extra virgin olive oils right now. The thing is packed. A smaller one helps me transfer brownies and cookies when I stop over at my husband’s firehouse on Sunday afternoons. Always something from Smitten Kitchen, obviously, only the best for my fire guys. But perhaps yours is currently holding summery items on the back patio table, and soon it can be brought indoors to store a cozy candle, matches and books in your reading nook. I’ve heard from several women over the years that they created a succulent garden in their box. It also makes for a beautiful floral centerpiece for all my flower lovers out there.


We’d love to see how you are using your giftbox. In fact, it’s getting its own hashtag, #HowDoYouUseYourBox. Please share a photo with us on Instagram or email it to us directly — If you share a photo, we’ll send you a code to receive $10 off your next order. We really want to see how you are using our work out there in the world.

with much love,