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Farmer's Market Season

Gift the goodness of Farmer's Market freshness this summer. 


Whether it's to say hello, thank you, happy birthday, or congratulations, give the gift of a beautiful meal.  We couldn't be happier adding Kansas City Canning Co's addictive jams, preserves and heirloom tomato bruschetta topping to the Manofatto product family. Their goods happily join the Other Brother's extra virgin olive oil grown from California olives, organic 100% Semolina artisinal pasta from Los Angeles, Jacobsen's finishing flaky sea salt from Portland and single origin coffee from various brands in Denver. 

Product tested, Kate approved. We are passionate about food around here.  Never underestimate the power of a really high quality olive oil and crunchy, flaky finishing salt. And please, I beg you, only fresh herbs when finishing off dishes.  

BRUSCHETTA (pronounced brew-ske-ta). Add a big scoop of the heirloom tomato mix to grilled bread drizzled with oil. Freshly grate parmesan or romano on top, adding freshly torn basil (and thyme if you like!) a grinding of pepper and a pinch of flaky salt. Delizioso! 

Head on over to our online shop to purchase our Buon Appetito Dinner Kit, or email to chat about a custom order.  Also, if there is a small batch American made product that we NEED to know about, please get in touch! We love discovering new brands. 


Manofatto was Meant for Mother's Day

Katelyn takes a dive into the psychology of gift giving and why Manofatto was meant for Mother’s Day.


Somehow it's already March and I'm still thinking daily about all of new, exciting things I can do for my business this year.  Well… better get CRACKIN'.  As the giftbox world grows quickly (it feels like there is a new giftbox business opening up weekly) I am trying to stay focused on my little piece in this world and how I can remain relevent and unique.  Here is what I've determined: Continue doing what makes us different from the pack AND more importantly, I get by with a little help from my friends.